Dr. Roel Cagape

By: Martyn Tan

Dr. Roel Cagape was a man who dedicated his life to medical service in the countryside. He has just received the award for Bayaning Pilipino-Individual Category last July for his commitment to providing services to rural and far-flung areas in GenSan and the hinterlands of the neighboring Sarangani province. Dr. Roel is a Filipino that we should all be proud of.

Dr.Roel is an ordinary physician with a big heart. Aside from giving free medical services in his clinic daily, he also conducts weekly medical missions in mountainous regions which are barely accessible by four-wheeled vehicles.  He also taught his community to use horses to transport patients during emergency situations through his project called “Ambulansyang Kabayo”.

Dr.Roel started giving free medical services since he graduated from medical school 25 years ago. “I find joy in reaching out to the needy without asking for anything in return. Conducting medical missions is my form of relaxation. You wouldn’t believe me when I say there are times when I don’t have money in my wallet, kahit pambayad ng tricycle wala, but with God’s grace I am able to survive and continue to do the things that make me happy. ‘Yung mga taong natulungan ko ay tumutulong din.” he said.

Dr Cagape also created a program called “I text mo kay Doc”. This program is for people seeking medical advice any time of the day.

Dr.Roel Cagape is one an unnoticed Filipino hero. By doing what he loves he is able to help the sick and the people around us. His selfless service and compassion towards the less fortunate, along with his use of his talents and skills to help others, he is a hero we should respect and hold in high regard.







11 thoughts on “Dr. Roel Cagape

  1. Never heard of this guy until this essay. Great job telling the world of his accomplishments and it really changes our view of what a hero can be. A hero doesn’t need to have powers, as long as he has a good heart and a passion to help others he can be a hero thats what i got from this essay. Nice work!

  2. Dr. Roel should be a model to us all. We don’t need to show nationalism in big, big ways but we can show it in our own different ways. Dr. Roel shared his talent of nursing people to help those in need and to help his fellow countrymen. Great essay on a great person.

  3. Dr. Roel is an everyday hero who practices his profession not expecting anything in return. Really amazing what this guy does when he could be practicing for richer, more influential clients. Thanks for this great story and great example.

  4. Dr. Roel is like Rizal – an intellectual who uses his intelligence and expertise to open the eyes of those who lack the experience, education, or tools to reach for what they love and need. To devote all of his knowledge to service for free is a striking example.

  5. Disease is a really big problem faced by the world these days. Many people can’t even afford basic medical care these days, and they need heroes. Dr. Roel is one of those heroes.

  6. The information is very sufficient and well organized. This really shows how a modern hero should be and inspires others.

  7. Dr. Cagape’s really a great man! I’m just wondering why he isn’t known for his works as much as the others. 😕 Did he get any awards for his accomplishments?

  8. It is truly inspiring to see how there are still people today who are willing to spend thier lives trying to uplft the living conditions of their fellow Filipinos. Dr. Roel Cagape is truly an example of a modern day hero and his dedication it truly astounding. How he chooses to give free medication in this world where almost nothing is free is also something truly amazing. I agree with you in how this unsung hero deserves to be called a modern day hero. Great work!

  9. I’ve never heard of him, and you are right in saying he is an unnoticed Filipino hero. He really is a hero, giving what he can give and not asking for anything back. What a guy!

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